About Garland School

Garland School is a top quality Nursery and Primary School situated in Ejigbo, Lagos State Nigeria

A school noted for her exceptionally high standards where children can achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral, spiritual and other extracurricular developments.
A caring place where children and faculty feel they make a contribution and are valued as individuals.
A place of Christian values where children learn respect for themselves and others and fear of God.
A partnership between children, parents, staff, management and community resulting in making the society a better place.

We run a well-rounded curriculum which meets the requirements of the Lagos State Ministry of Education as well as world-class standard which is delivered by teachers highly trained in Montessori System of Education. Learning is heavily facilitated with the use of visual aids such as Nest Learning System, Dr Titzer’s ‘My DSC_0310Baby Can Read’ series, projectors, CD’s, DVD’s interactive boards and other learning materials.


Beside the establishment of a Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) within the school, we also make use of external consultants, who provide a second level of review for quality assurance in curriculum content, quality of teaching and delivery.


At Garland school, children learn in various ways

Our Classes are Challenging  – Children learn by being engaged in complete and challenging tasks.
Balanced & Flexible Learning  – They learn in their own individual ways and develop their own talents at their pace.
Collaborative Learning  – They learn by working together as a group.
Experimental Learning – They learn by performing handy tasks .
Reflective Learning – They learn by going back to their work to perfect their experiences.

School Calendar

The school year that begins in mid September and ends in mid July is divided into three terms of about 12 or 13 weeks each. The first term terminates with a three-week Christmas break that begins in mid December and ends in the first week of January. The second term terminates with a three week Easter break from end of April till middle of May. The third term that brings the school year to a close ends with an eight week holiday, from middle of July to the middle of September, for the long vacation or summer break. A two-day midterm break comes in the middle of each term. All statutory public holidays are observed. Parents will be informed about specific dates from time to time in advance.

School Day

The school day starts at 8:00a.m and ends at 3:00p.m for all classes. Each day begins and ends with a Christian worship conducted for the nursery and primary sections. Lateness is not tolerated. Children must be brought and collected promptly in the mornings and afternoons. Children are not allowed to leave the school before the closing time except in special cases and permission must be obtained from the office.

Homework / Projects

Homework is an important part of the child’s education and it is a method of evaluating the child’s understanding of the work done in the class, while projects help the child carry out intensive learning. Homework is given daily and parents are expected to ensure their children do their homework properly and neatly and that they are brought to school for submission on the due date which is usually the following school day.

Role of Parents

Garland School is in partnership with parents for the raising of their children. We do not claim we can do it alone. Therefore, your role as a parent in the upbringing of your child cannot be overemphasized. Parents must review their children’s homework every day, complete and endorse the Daily Monitoring Book, must ensure their children’s home work and project assignments are done promptly and properly, attend Parents Forum and PTA Meetings whenever scheduled.