Admission Policy at Galand School, Lagos

Our admission policy assures that pupils are admitted into classes to which they qualify and meet their developmental stages. Therefore the following conditions must be met before a pupil is admitted into a new class.

i.            Evidence of qualifying result from the previous class/school attended.

ii.            Success in our written test.

iii.            Success in our oral interview with the parents and the child.

iv.            Completion of admission form and the pupil’s passport photograph.

v.            Medical Report from a qualified Doctor.



School fees must be paid in full at the beginning of the term. All payments must be made through our nominated bank. On no account may fee payments be made in cash in our office. Bank tellers for any payment should be submitted to Garland School, who in turn will issue a receipt to acknowledge the receipt of the payment.


To know more about our Admission policy, timetable, Fees, Transportation, Feeding, etc, we invite you to make a contact on the CONTACT US page.