Why We Did Not Increase Our Fees

Many Parents are still surprised that despite the challenges the economic condition of Nigeria has brought with it, Garland School has remained on our last fees review. Everyone knows that since we increased our fees the last time, things have changed so much that prices of things are now tripped. Good judgement will at least expect that we will review the fees more so that we can pay teachers, handle maintenance, do other things and then survive.

We decided to let our parents focus on ways they can meet other challenges by not stressing them with an increment in school fees. To this, many parents have been returning their gratitude to us.

We hope that the situation of the country will improve soon so that we do not continue to train our children under pressure. Every parent in Nigeria will attest to what we are saying. Think about buying books. We thank God that Garland School got good supplies of the books we needed on time so that we can give books at reasonable prices. Parents from schools that allow parents to source books from the market are already complaining.

Think about parents with up to four children in school, consider the cost of keeping these kids at school and of buying their books at this first term. At this point, we implore you not to give up. Remember that it is our pledge to work with you as team members. We have never changed. As far as we remain alive, and as far as God is with us, we will see ways to cushion the effects of this hard times in Nigeria.

Thank you for supporting us to give the best education to your child!


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